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Errare · Humanum · Est

hc_bingo card and masterpost TAKE TWO!

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Whoo! Another year, another hc_bingo card. Haven't taken much time to think about possibilities, yet, but I'm liking some of them.

Mentioned to rhosyn_du that I might turn "Unrequited Pining" into a Nagi introspective on his sudden strange urge to avoid ripping Tot's throat out.

headaches / migraines hallucinations loss of home / shelter accidents atonement
archaic medical treatment Stockholm syndrome unrequited pining poltergeist homesickness
fever / delirium cursed WILD CARD blackmail hugs
serial killers coma bullet wounds loss of possessions poisoning
mistaken identity forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity experiments by evil scientists loss of voice natural disasters

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