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hc_bingo fic: mistaken identity

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Yeah, I'm totally jumping on the Avengers bandwagon, sorry. This'll probably be the only one, though. Or will it?

Title: Rain Check
Fandom: Captain America Movie-verse
Pairing: Steve/Peggy, duh >.>
Prompt: Mistaken Identity
Rating: PG
Word Count: 766
Summary: Steve goes out to walk off a dream and sees a vision, instead.

A/N: Written for hc_bingo. Masterpost with my game card is here.

”Am I too late for my rain-check?”

Peggy spun around, just as he’d known she would. Heck, he’d only spent the entirety of the trip back to the continent picturing it. The way she’d stare, in equal parts disbelief and amazement, both of which were quickly overshadowed by anger that he’d kept her waiting so long. Not that she’d really be angry, but she’d cross her arms and give him that flat look, and tell him no gentleman ever kept a lady waiting as long as he had, but just this once, she’d make an exception.

And then she’d laugh and fling herself at him and throw her arms around his neck, and it would be like he’d never gotten on that plane, like he’d never left her behind or almost died and stood her up.

“Oh, Steve.” Her voice was warm in his ear, just like he’d known it would be. “I can’t believe you really made it.”

He couldn’t believe it, either.

He woke up.


He spent a very long time staring up at his ceiling before he could bring himself to move. They’d given him a proper room instead of the set up he’d woken up in when he’d asked. There wasn’ t much reason to pretend he was where he wasn’t, and he’d never been too fond of lying. At least, not lying when it didn’t do anything but make you feel even worse. They’d given him new clothes to go with it, and all the sorts of things people apparently needed in the future.

He’d been given an entirely new life. It didn’t come even close to replacing the one he’d lost.

He got dressed, or what passed for dressed in this decade. Going out in a dress shirt and tie would get him more attention than going out in what felt like an undershirt, he’d been told. He wasn’t supposed to draw attention to himself. Once they’d been sure he understood that, he’d been given free run of the city, as long as he remembered to take along his cellular phone. He wasn’t sure how they worked, still, but he knew how to answer it, and that was what mattered.

He nodded to the guards he passed on his way out, knowing someone would report his leaving sooner or later. The agent who’d showed him around had joked that it felt like he was showing his grandfather around the city he’d spent his entire life in, but Steve couldn’t agree. New York hadn’t looked anything like this, the last time he’d seen it. It hadn’t felt anything like this. Even this late at night, the streets were full of cars and people. He stuck his hands in his pockets, picked a random direction, and started walking.

Or tried to. He normally ignored the people he passed, just as much as they ignored him, but this time, something -someone- caught his eye. He missed a step, almost falling square in the middle of the sidewalk and stumbling into a person going the other way. He apologized absently, eyes locked on the sight halfway up the block.

It was her. It had to be. He’d recognize the back of her head anywhere. The civilian clothes were a shock, but everything else was right. He pushed past the people in the way, shock holding him back from calling her name to get her attention faster. He reached out for her arm, pulling her around a bit more strongly than he’d intended, and...

...found himself staring down into a pair of wide blue eyes. Wide, startled, completely wrong blue eyes.

And now that he let himself see it, the hair was a shade or two too light, hidden in shade between street lamps. The clothes were modern, and nothing she would have worn, even if she had been here. Everything was wrong, but especially the eyes. They should have been brown.

“I... I’m sorry. I was expecting someone else.” He released her quickly, backing up with his hands raised until he was sure no one thought he was up to anything untoward. He wasn’t expecting the way her eyes stayed locked on him, curious and concerned now instead of afraid.

“Yeah? She stand you up?” Her voice was wrong, too. “I wouldn’t do that with a guy who looked like you.”

Two other girls with her giggled. Suddenly, he just wanted to be back surrounded by emotionless agents in black suits. He took another step back. “No. No, she didn’t.” He turned away quickly, hands back in his pockets.

“I was late.”

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On June 28th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC), nina_vendredi commented:
Oh, that was awesome.
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On June 28th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC), corellianrogue replied:
Yay~ DK seal of approval~
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On June 29th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC), nina_vendredi replied:
The seal of Lazy Bastards everywhere.
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