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hc_bingo fic: hugs

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Title: Worlds Between
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: none?
Prompt: Hugs
Rating: G
Word Count: 812
Summary: If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a hug can be worth a million.

A/N: Written for hc_bingo. Masterpost with my game card is here.

There is an art to hugging. It seems like it should be the simplest thing in the whole world, just wrapping your arms around another person, but it isn’t. A hug is an important and sometimes dangerous thing. A hug says something about the hugger and the huggee and who they are together. A hug can say everything you want it to in a second, and some things you don’t.

Changmin doesn’t so much hug as full-body-punches. When he really means it, you feel it. Yoochun complains that Changmin is trying to hug his brains out. Changmin says he never had any in the first place, so how would he even know? Jaejoong just does his best to give as good as he gets. Changmin says he’s a wimp.

Changmin only hugs in the most extreme of circumstances. He used to hug when the cameras were rolling, but now he’s ‘the sexy one’ instead of ‘the cute one’ so he gets to be too manly for things like that. None of them actually believe that, a fact which they remind him of as often as necessary.

Jaejoong doesn’t really hug, exactly. One might more accurately say that he carries out covert tactical hug maneuvers. His hugs tend to come whenever you’re least expecting them or least likely to think you want them. Jaejoong hugs with his whole heart, which is even bigger than his biceps have gotten lately. Yoochun has been known to melt in Jaejoong’s hugs on occasion, which is why Jaejoong has been forbidden from hugging on camera.

Jaejoong hugs any time and any place, no matter how inconvenient, but he’s ‘the weird one’ anyway, so it’s okay. No matter how often he does it, though, somehow every hug still feels special.

Junsu hugs the way he does everything in his life: with complete and utter exuberance. Each and every hug he has ever given has been the best possible hug he could give at that exact moment. As with everything else, any less than his best would be a personal insult to everything Junsu stands for. Junsu doesn’t do anything by halves.

Junsu doesn’t hug often, or long, but when he does, he means it. They tend to sneak up on people, not the way Jaejoong’s hugs do, but more like the way a car sneaks up on you when you’re jogging in the street with headphones on. Ever since he took back the title of ‘the cute one’ from Changmin (even if none of them are quite sure why he didn’t have it all along except that Changmin was the baby and babies are supposed to be cute), his hugs have only gotten worse.

Yoochun doesn’t really hug. He drapes himself on people in a way more reminiscent of a blanket or a lazy cat. The energy required of a hug is generally just too much to bother with. Of course, if all of his draping became actual hugging, there’d be some sort of scandal. All of the members know what he’s really doing, even when they don’t call him on it.

Yoochun doesn’t bother with reasons or ‘a time and a place’ or any of the things management occasionally tries to remind them should be important. He drapes on whomever he feels like whenever he feels like, and that’s simply that. The middle of a concert? Sure. During an interview? Why not? Yoochun is what one might call addicted to physical contact, if one weren’t interested in being polite about such things. The members generally aren’t.

The one thing that all of the members can agree on when it comes to hugging, however, is that Yunho gives by far the very best ones. He doesn’t really have any one style or kind of hug. His always fit the moment and the other person involved. They’re the kind of hugs that you don’t realize you need, but that you really, truly do.

Yunho hugs like the world could be ending, and he wouldn’t rather be anyplace but where he is. He hugs like the huggee is the most important person in the world, and at that moment maybe they are. He hugs... well, he hugs like Yunho. Even given the time to think, none of the other members could manage a better explanation than that.

There is an art to hugging, but it’s an art with a million different styles and possibilities. It’s the meeting of two people and everything they are and everything they could be. A hug can be a means to an end or the end in itself. A hug can mend a heart or break it. Begin a relationship or end it. A hug can be everything or nothing or anything in between. And sometimes, just sometimes, a hug can set the whole world right again, if you’ll only let it.

Will you?


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