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Well boo

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I just finished off a fic for a holiday exchange that decided to blow itself up into a monster fic of epic proportions (longest thing I've ever written, and in fact longer than most of the longest fics I've written previously COMBINED) so I'm kind of burnt out on writing, certainly enough that I won't get anymore done this week for my hc_bingo card. I've got enough done for a cross bingo now, so it looks like I'll just have to turn that in as is.

I'm calling it. :( No blackout for me this year.

I will likely post up the rest of the fics I started whenever I get around to finishing them (most of them are fics I really wanted to write anyway, so it's no great hardship to finish them on my own time)... except the one for Natural Disasters. I never liked the beginning of that fic, anyway.

Be sad with me over my failure, intarwebz. :(((((

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