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12 February 1985
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Yay for writing journals. My main journal is over at corellianrogue, but this journal is where I shall post whenever I get assaulted by any of the numerous bunnies and characters living in my head. If you know me, you know the muses have great sway over me... as is evidenced by the fact that Envy chose the name for this writing journal...

Anyway, on those rare occasions when I do manage to stab the muses with a spork and shut them up for a while, there will probably also be original stuff on here. Fandoms can include anything that moves into my head, but will focus on ...well, frankly on whatever pops into my head. Most posts will be writing related, but be prepared for rantings and ravings and the occasional letter to a muse or icons.

I also belong to the challenge comms 25_streetsigns and 30screams, both of which have great sets of themes. Expect those stories to pop up here eventually. As of I don't remember when, both of those were dropped (and as you can see, one comm deleted entirely) but now I'm writing for hc_bingo so hopefully that will go considerably better.

So all in all, much fun to be had... and may God protect your souls, all ye who enter here.

-Standard disclaimer to be applied to all works archived on this journal: With the exception of the stories explicitly marked as 'original fiction,' I don't own any of the characters or series used in the works of fanfiction. I make no money off them, only the enjoyment of playing in the realm of some of my favorite authors/mangaka/whatever. Don't sue, k?-